Attitude is Everything. Ask Lucinda.

Q: What have you lost to the passage of time? Anything?

A: Not in terms of my creativity. Absolutely not. I have, you know, a lot of personal suffering in my heart, within my family structure. I have a brother who lives here and who still hasn’t met Tom and that’s a whole other book, too. My mother died about six years ago. She suffered from mental illness and that’s a kind of thing that never leaves you. But rather than let it destroy me, I look at it as –  I look at my art as a way of kind of deciphering. I think, actually, my art has saved me. To tell you the honest to God truth I don’t know if I would be sitting here right now if I hadn’t had that. Which is a whole other book, but–

TOM: Great. We’ve got ideas for about 23 other books.

A: It’s true. This is the thing, you know, I write all these songs and everything, and I hope people can read between the lines. But I actually haven’t really talked about my family life that much, my background that much, and all that. I want to do that, I’ve been offered a chance to write my memoir, which I want to do, I want to get all that out. But I feel like, you know, somehow I was picked. I have a brother and a sister and we don’t have Christmases together and we don’t share our birthdays. We don’t talk on the phone. We never talk, it just doesn’t happen. And you know, you just have to accept it and that’s the way life is. It’s not the way I want it to be, but I guess I’ll just end this by saying my art has been my salvation.



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