Mystery Chord

Recently I updated my Facebook status with a photo…

…and a question: What chord is this?

The comment thread was illuminating in an entirely ass-backwards way because I couldn’t get a straight answer.

Bryn Bennett A5

Joan Anderman Thanks Bryn. That was like having a crush on someone whose name you don’t know.

Rod Webber Not so quick. Are you just strumming the 3 strings your fingers are on, or all 6? Or some other combination of strings? If it’s just the 3 strings, then I would agree with Bryn.

Bryn Bennett OK, I take it back. A5 min7 sus2

Rod Webber I didn’t mean to call you out… But, yes, I would agree, if it’s all 6, A5 minor 7 sus2… Or actually the “B” may technically be an add 9… A music theory person will have to step in at this stage… But that’d be my guess.

Bryn Bennett Haha. Not at all. The hands looked like a straight up power chord to me though.

Mark Towner Williams A E G A B E or G 6/9 /A

Mark Towner Williams oh..and nice hands by the way

Mark Towner Williams correction A E A G B E ( still spells the same chord)

Joan Anderman You wonderful informed musicians are blowing my mind. I’m strumming all six strings by the way. All power chordy. It’s so interesting to be on this side of the song divide.

Rod Webber I thought so… It’s doubtful you would have had a “crush” on a simple A5. ;)

Kurt Armstrong A sus-9?

Bryn Bennett I have a crush on an A5!

Joan Anderman Hands off, dude. A5 is mine.

Rod Webber Actually, no Joan– A5 minor7 add9 is yours. Get it straight. It’s like you’re making out with strangers in the dark!

John Young need a bigger amp.

Joan Anderman Making out with strangers! Rock and roll is just like I pictured it.

Mark Towner Williams All guesses. Typical really…we all name the same chords different things as you know from your Grove days. What makes this a G 6/9 /A is the fact that all strings are played (ending in G B A)

As usual, the more I chase clarity the more confused I become. Do I even need to know what chord I’m playing? What do I lose and what do I gain by not knowing? Should I try to learn some music theory or stick with my current method of putting fingers on strings until I stumble onto something that sounds good? By all means weigh in, dear reader.


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