Listening Lab: Thomas Dolby

I am so not surprised that Thomas “She Blinded Me with Science” Dolby is releasing new music via a global transmedia game set in a dystopian vision of the 1940s where the earth’s magnetic fields have been reversed, the climate system is destroyed, and inhabitants survive by forming tribes and trading relics in a sea-going barter society that morphs with each player’s moves. The guy built his first synthesizer when he was 18, from salvaged electronic components and mail order kits. When synth-pop v.1.0 went the way of the dodo, he headed for Silicon Valley to invent the Beatnik polyphonic ringtone engine that’s embedded in three billion or so mobile phones. There’s a pattern here.

I entered The Floating City yesterday and am piloting an anchor handling tug called the Albert Einstein with landing gear, headphones, some chemicals, a metal bird, and a trench coat in the cargo hold. I am  very confused, but that’s not Thomas Dolby’s fault.

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