Middle-Aged Rock Band.

Gary and I went to Florence to see his old friends in The Labor Pool, four guys who played in bands together when they were young and are doing it again. One of them owns a mid-century modern furniture store that doubles as an art and performance space, and all kinds of appealing Western Massachusetts types were at the show, earthy hipsters and modern families and arts denizens. Brisket was served. Vintage dressers were admired. We chatted about music and films and drank, which wasn’t a given because one of the band members is sober and there was a chance it would be a dry gig. We brought a flask, just in case.

The Labor Pool’s music is good, an alt-rock-garage-pop thing, and it was quite the multi-generational scene: kids climbing on dads lying on the floor watching dads with guitars who feel like kids. The guys in the band were reveling. I’m thinking they were thinking, what are the odds? How many 50-something men with jobs and teenagers and deductibles are writing songs, recording them, practicing religiously, and playing out? It’s inspiring. The next day I started a song called “Middle-Aged Rock Band.” A verse and a chorus tumbled out pretty fast and I recorded it. The drums are GarageBand’s stock Modern Rock kit. I’m playing Gary’s Les Paul Custom guitar, which is like driving a Porsche to the corner store for milk. I used the Chorus effect on my vocal because it sounds girl group-y and cool. I’ll say it again: this stuff is raw.

Middle-Aged Rock Band/verse and chorus by Middlemojo

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    Joan, I love this!
    Very inspiring and sounds like a good time. Keep going!
    Yes, we’re gonna die, time to get busy. And we thought youth was angst-filled!
    Enjoying your journey…

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  1. By Middle-Aged Rock Band Is A Song. on November 25, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    [...] came to Kidder Farm this week and like magic I am getting things done. “Middle-Aged Rock Band,” which has been driving me crazy, is finished. I’ll be honest. I’m not thrilled [...]

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