You Make Me Sick.

I have a finished song. Finished as in four verses and a chorus. It’s rough. It needs work. The sound is crap. There’s no shape, dynamics, or ending. But I’m dedicated to my mission of chronicling the process of becoming a songwriter and this is where I’m at. My rudimentary knowledge of GarageBand allowed me to loop a drum beat. OK, I needed some technical support with the drums. The thwack, thwack, thwackthwackthwack drives me a little crazy but my options are limited and I needed it to play in time. Trust me, the built-in metronome is worse. I recorded the guitar and then the vocal, and put a bit of echo and reverb on both. There is a faint buzz in the background. I don’t know why.

You Make Me Sick by Middlemojo

How To Plant a Seed by Brian Sommers

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    Sounds pretty good! Where’s that lyric sheet, though?

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