I’m Not One Of Those Fast Girls.

If I were a better, braver, smarter, swifter person, I would participate in February Album Writing Month. The challenge? Write 14 1/2 songs in 29 days (it’s leap year so there’s an extra day to write an extra half-song). The problem? I’ve been working on “My Cake” for a month-and-a-half. Case closed. I do plan to lurk, loiter, and glean. What I know so far is that as of late morning Feb. 2,  6737 Fawmers had generated 734 songs. Among them is “The Name is Martha Jones,” a tune that falls (according to liner notes) under the loose umbrella of Time Lord Rock, a genre specific to the fandom of Dr. Who, and “All the Way to Six,” which plumbs the philosophical quandary of toaster settings. I am honestly so inspired by the pageant of humanity.


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