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Back In The Day

This is how some kids listened to music in the ’80s: on cassette tapes. It’s how they recorded music, too, if they were in a band no one had heard of except the other misfits down at the Rat, and if they hadn’t yet made an album or an EP or a demo tape, and if they were still working out how to play a bunch of songs that 25 years later would be considered defining rock and roll artifacts.

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The Danelectro

Gary chose a guitar from his personal stash for me to borrow. I specifically asked for a loaner with little or no value so that I wouldn’t worry about messing it up. A few weeks ago I nearly ruined my son Eli’s Black Beauty by plugging it into the wrong hole in the amp. I use words like hole instead of input jack, a term I learned two minutes ago when I googled amplifier and hole and cable. I know nothing about gear. Gary’s Danelectro is a starter guitar from the ’80s, and it sounds like a cross between an acoustic and an electric. It’s creamy and lightweight and completely boss. Gary says it looks right on me. I guess that matters. It feels great. That definitely matters. I’d never heard of Danelectro before becoming the proud temporary owner of one, but it turns out some cool people play(ed) them.



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Mortal Kombat: Guitar Versus Dinner

Here is a snapshot of my life: a blister and green beans.

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The Joshua Tree Rock House

This is where I started writing songs. Maybe I could have figured it out in an empty lot or the dining room or a slow boat. All I know is this place is magic. If you need to go, and you probably do, send me a note and I’ll put you in touch.

The south side (I think)

The front door

The living room

The piano

The lounge

The outdoor shower

A bedroom

The kitchen

The yard

The patio

The view from my pillow

The center of the universe


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Saul Bass, Part Deux

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